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Online Disaster Plan Platform

Moving your ERP/pres-loss agreement to an online platform offers you a leg up on the competition while both being more organized and more accessible for both parties. Welcome to the new way to set up a disaster preparedness plan; online, branded, and professional.

Value Added Sales Approach

If you have a salesperson whose job is to acquire new commercial business, you need to equip them with the right tools and sales approach. Getting your foot in the door with commercial facilities is often difficult, which is why a disaster preparedness plan value approach has worked in the industry.

Secure Commercial Sq. Ft.

By offering so much value upfront, commercial clients agree to use your restoration company on all disaster-related services in the future. The commercial facility is prepared for all emergencies with the walkthrough and data they have access to through your disaster preparedness plan – powered by Restoration ERP.


100% Branded Solution

We offer a custom solution to our ERP tool where it is accessed directly from your company’s URL with your branding. Have your commercial clients login directly from your website always keeping you top of mind. This allows you to pitch a unique product offering to your customers that your competitors don’t have.

Custom Branded App

It’s your own app right in the Apple and Google App Stores. No third-party downloads! A first-of-a-kind solution where your ERP clients download your restoration company app and get access to their entire disaster plan at their fingertips.

Anyone Can Access It 24/7

When emergencies hit, the last thing you need is to have limitations on accessing your ERP. With Restoration ERP, our online platform is 100% accessible for anyone at any time of day or night.

Matterport Integration

Restoration ERP allows you to connect all your Matterport renderings so your client’s facilities team can access it 24/7. Great for onboarding, and great for pre-loss documentation. Offer something non of our restoration competitors are.

Build and Store Online Client Profiles

Restoration ERP offers you an organized platform to consolidate your ERP clients. Keeping everything together, from basic contact information to floor plans and company procedures, ensures smooth execution of their business continuity and disaster planning.

Live Document Expiry System

Within your Restoration ERP client profiles, you will be able to upload important files directly to their profile for easy downloading in the future. This includes documents like floor plans, agreements, rate sheets, communication trees, etc.


Effective Sales Tool

If you have a commercial salesperson, you need to equip them with the necessary tools to succeed. Restoration ERP is among the best options for increasing your customer base with minimal investment.

Unique Log In Privileges

Your commercial clients can log in with their own unique login info. You can create different logins for different levels of personnel. Alternatively you can also make the ERP accessible to the whole maintenance staff at once.


Sales Support

We help you every step of the way to implement your disaster preparedness/pre-loss agreement program.
  • Marketing/Sales Material Templates
  • Training Videos
  • Monthly Sales Calls
  • 1 on 1 onboarding
  • Implementation
Want To Send Push Notification To Clients?

Wish you could send timely, information, and helpful Push Notifications directly to the top of your clients’ phone? Now you can with Restoration ERP. Learn more today.

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"Using Emergency Response Programs as a tool for obtaining more commercial work is a great idea. The challenge is in fulfilling the program. Restoration ERP is an easy to use program that will help you manage the ERP process and create an effective and valuable resource for your clients. "
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Custom Branding

$150 One Time Install Fee

$ 149
  • Native App Add-on
  • Import Data CSV
  • Embed Matterport Now Live
  • Month To Month Cancel Anytime
  • Access Anywhere From Any Device
  • Unique User Privileges
  • Unlimited Document Uploads/Photos
  • Download Documents
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Separate Yourself In The Market
  • Increase Commercial Sales
  • Editable Marketing Material
  • Connected To Your Company URL
  • Custom Branding
  • New Features Coming Soon

Are You A Franchise Or Have Multiple Locations?

Get a custom solution for all your franchisee owners and branch managers. Each of your locations can have it's own database set up to prevent any cross information being viewed from different locations or clients.
Hands-On Commercial Sales Training
disaster erp sales training

Having a successful disaster ERP program starts with a quality salesperson and a professional sales process. We will help you implement every step of the process from sales training to technology adoption to be successful in less than six months.

  • Sales training
  • Marketing material
  • Landing pages
  • Sales automation to turbo charge your sales person
  • Sales accountability
  • Prospecting
  • More
Need Some Marketing Handouts Fully Branded?

All Social Posts & Marketing Flyer Branded To Your Company. This Upgrades Includes ALL FUTURE Print Material Updates​

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What Is An ERP Plan

An ERP Plan (companies often have different names for it) is designed to help restoration companies get their foot in the door with local, regional and national commercial clients.

THE IDEA: Instead of always dropping by to see the facility manager and asking for the next water damage loss (which lets face it, gets boring fast), start bringing value to the potential client by offering to help them set up a business continuity and response plan. In this process you begin building a relationship by offering something in return that only takes time and in return, with a signed agreement, you are GUARANTEED their next water/fire damage call. 

Value Proposition

Offer value to the potential commercial client up front vs asking for work. It’s professional and gives you a reason to follow up.

Help Them w/ Their Job

Help the commercial facility manager implement a business continuity and disaster response plan in case anything happens to their facility. It’s also their job

Zero Cost To Your Client

Offer to help them build it at no cost, it’s a win win for them, and only time you need to put in. Simply walkthrough, photos, and you’re done. New client.

You Are The First Call

Have them sign an agreement that you are their first phone call for any property damage. You know the facility, so they’re going to want to call you.

Build The Relationship

Viola, more relationships with local commercial facility managers who are calling you for their next sprinkler head break or fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Billing is month to month and you can cancel at anytime right inside your account dashboard.

Yes we do. Upon signing up for the ERP Tool you receive an email with downloadable documents to help start selling the ERP. Including; ERP PPT, Intro Script, Objections, Meeting Q's and more.

Yes! We are constantly upgrading the platform and adding new features. All future updates are FREE with an active subscription. Send us feature request here.

Yes! We set up the ERP tool for you on your company website.

Absolutely not. Your clients are your clients and no one else can access them. Not even us at Restoration ERP. Your data is 100% your own.

Absolutely not. Your clients are assigned to only their properties. They can only see the properties you assign to them.

Yes, If you want them too. We have different permission settings to allow your clients the ability to edit information, add users or only be allowed to view and download the data.

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