Storing Documents

Document Expiry System

Every great plan needs quick and easy access to their documents. Wether you’re off working hours, traveling, on vacation or anything else – when a disaster strikes you need to be bale to access your vital documents in seconds. Restoration ERP allows you and your commercial clients to do that. 


With every good plan, comes an easy way to keep it up to date and being alerted to do so. That’s where our ‘Document Expiry System’ comes in. You can set any documents’ expiration date and the system will automatically notify when you need to update it. Keep your plan up to date and dynamic.

Document Management

All your facility and emergency documents in one easy to access location.

Upload Document

Floor plans, inspection reports, equipment user manuals, elevator certification, estimates, budgets and anything else.

Set Expiration Notifications

Set when this document should be updated, and which key personnel should be notified leading up to that date. Keeping your plan up to date, and easily editable.

Document Building Overview

Once you've uploaded all your documents that are part of your plan you can assign them to different buildings and/or vendors. Making management one step easier for access and viewing.

Is your plan Up To Date?

With a quick glance you can see which documents are not up to date and which are. Making managing your clients’ disaster plan simple.

Frequently asked questions

Still have a questions in mind? contact us directly!

Yes. Billing is month to month and you can cancel at anytime right inside your account dashboard.

Yes we do. Upon signing up for the ERP Tool you receive an email with downloadable documents to help start selling the ERP. Including; ERP PPT, Intro Script, Objections, Meeting Q's and more.

No! You have unlimited users to the platform. Including your staff and your clients. 

Yes! We set up the ERP tool for you on your company website.

Absolutely not. Your clients are assigned to only their properties. They can only see the properties you assign to them.

Yes, If you want them too. We have different permission settings to allow your clients the ability to edit information, add users or only be allowed to view and download the data.

Absolutely not. Your clients are your clients and no one else can access them. Not even us at Restoration ERP. Your data is 100% your own.

Absolutely! Throughout the year Restoration ERP is always listening to our ERP Members and adding new features. 

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