3D Scans

3D Scan Integration

Attach your Matterport and Docusketch scans inside the Restoration ERP platform. You have the ability to assign these scans down to the building specific level they are built for. 


Bringing scans into a disaster preparedness plans elevates your value added ERP offering to the next level. Something you can not achieve with paper and binder ERP plans.

Connect Your Matterport & DocuSketch

Provide immense value to facility managers by allowing them to access their scans right inside your white labeled disaster app. No other solution offers this.

Perform Scan

Offer and execute 3D scans as part of your ERP plan to differentiate yourself in the market.

Link To Restoration ERP

Attaching it to your ERP plan inside your custom app only involves the link from Matterport/DocuSketch.

24/7 App Access by Property

You and your facility client can organize and access all your scans by property in one central location.

Frequently asked questions

Still have a questions in mind? contact us directly!

Yes. Billing is month to month and you can cancel at anytime right inside your account dashboard.

Yes we do. Upon signing up for the ERP Tool you receive an email with downloadable documents to help start selling the ERP. Including; ERP PPT, Intro Script, Objections, Meeting Q's and more.

No! You have unlimited users to the platform. Including your staff and your clients. 

Yes! We set up the ERP tool for you on your company website.

Absolutely not. Your clients are assigned to only their properties. They can only see the properties you assign to them.

Yes, If you want them too. We have different permission settings to allow your clients the ability to edit information, add users or only be allowed to view and download the data.

Absolutely not. Your clients are your clients and no one else can access them. Not even us at Restoration ERP. Your data is 100% your own.

Absolutely! Throughout the year Restoration ERP is always listening to our ERP Members and adding new features. 

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