Custom branded app

Game Changing Sales Tool

Custom Branded App

Change the way you do sales in your local, regional, or national market. Provide prospective clients with a free disaster planning tool in the palm of their hand designed in your brand. 


Stop telling facility managers about the features and benefits of your restoration company and start driving value today.

24/7 Access

Your client will have access to all their vendors, documents, property info and more with the click of a button from your custom branded app.

The Best ROI Machine IN The Industry

It only cost you 2 DEHUs on a job site each month to cover the cost of our branded app. Equip your salespeople with real tangible tools to compete with anyone in your market.

Manage The Entire Plan From The App

emergency storm push notifiacaitons

Push Notifications

Send unlimited alerts to your commercial clients’ phone. Just like an ESPN alert showing up on their main screen, with high visibility. Making it a great marketing opportunity for any storms, rental info and more.

Instant weather alert updates

Disaster preparedness planning tips

Frequently asked questions

Still have a questions in mind? contact us directly!

Yes. Billing is month to month and you can cancel at anytime right inside your account dashboard.

Yes we do. Upon signing up for the ERP Tool you receive an email with downloadable documents to help start selling the ERP. Including; ERP PPT, Intro Script, Objections, Meeting Q's and more.

No! You have unlimited users to the platform. Including your staff and your clients. 

Yes! We set up the ERP tool for you on your company website.

Absolutely not. Your clients are assigned to only their properties. They can only see the properties you assign to them.

Yes, If you want them too. We have different permission settings to allow your clients the ability to edit information, add users or only be allowed to view and download the data.

Absolutely not. Your clients are your clients and no one else can access them. Not even us at Restoration ERP. Your data is 100% your own.

Absolutely! Throughout the year Restoration ERP is always listening to our ERP Members and adding new features. 

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