Commercial Restoration
Sales Playbook

The Commercial Market

In this vertical, historically there have been two strategies.  First is setting up lunches and meetings to start the relationship process.  The second is developing Disaster Preparedness Plans/ERPs to get a signed agreement in place. Now we can also incorporate using 3D scans and other value adds as a way to get our foot in the door. Emergency Response Plans (ERP’s) are a higher level of strategy for appealing to the commercial market. It’s more time-consuming than setting up lunches or meetings but can be much more rewarding in the long run. When you have a signed agreement in place the work is worth the reward. The overall strategy of an ERP is to help the facility you are marketing to establish a disaster/business continuity plan. In return, you are awarded an agreement for all their restoration work in the future. Now with newer technology, you can make this value-added offering even more advantageous to the commercial client. For example, you can have an online software to help sell your ERP plan in a more professional and sophisticated way. It can also be integrated with other technology such as Matterport 3D scans.

The Playbook

We will update the Playbook regularly as we see fit.

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Prospecting is the act of research and discovery of potential clients, also known as prospects. Prospecting is one of the most important parts of the sales process. You can’t sell to a future potential customer if you can’t find out who they are. It’s become even easier in today’s online world in discovering who people are and in what job role they are in. Here are some great online resources to find prospects.

  • Apollo – A great resource at a great price. You can source new prospects by name, title, company, keywords, location and more all starting at $39/month.
  • Reonomy – This company and online resource is great for sourcing information about buildings, and building owners. Export all the data you need about every building in your local market.
  • CoStar This is probably the most powerful resource when it comes to building resource information. If you’re a regional or national organization this might be the best bet. It also comes with the highest price tag.


After you’ve sourced your leads and prospects it’s time to begin the outreach process to start setting up meetings and signing up clients.

We’ve broken these touch points in to a couple different categories and provide a more detailed approach available for download below.

Soft Touch:
  • Newsletter – This is a great first touch point to send to your prospects as an introductory. Something easy you can refer to when you make a more personal touch like a phone call. Newsletters are also great to send to keep in touch with existing clients and relationships easily and at scale.
  • Mailer – When you do something no other sales person is doing today, you really stand out. That’s exactly the impact a simple mailer can have. Send your prospect a hand written note with a Starbucks card or even consider a gift from your potential clients’ alma marta to really get their attention. Send this early in the outreach process to really increase your chances of receiving a response. 
  • Email –  Everyone is familiar with sending emails. 

Recap So Far

Loss Leaders - Value Added Approach

A product or service sold at a loss or break even to attract customers & stimulate sales.

Disaster Planning/ERPs:
  • Also known as ERPs or by other names
  • The Goal: establish a disaster plan (which every building needs or is required to have by insurance) in return for a restoration agreement.
  • The difference in approach is dramatic
Free Setup
  • Prospecting, outreach, site walkthrough
3D Scans/Matterports:
  • Comprehensive pre-loss documentation
  • Great onboarding usage
  • Most facility directors, and risk managers see value/want it – but don’t have equipment/knowledge
Set Up Fee & Annual Retainer
  • X free (hours) with agreement
  • X dollar per hour afterwards
  • Annual hosting fee after X scans
    • Remove charge after damage cleanup cost (retainer)
Building Site Analysis:
  • A more thorough review than one that would be done if setting up ERPs (simple walkthroughs)
  • Outlines potential hazards, future maintenance issues, existing damage, environmental hazards, and potential scope to fix issues
Paid Value Add-On
  • A more thorough review than one that would be done if setting up ERPs (simple walkthroughs)
  • Outlines potential hazards, future maintenance issues, existing damage, environmental hazards, and potential scope to fix issues

Managing Sales, BDR, Account Management Person

It’s challenging, not impossible – clear guidelines help

Establishing Relationship:

Set monthly requirements that will result in commercial sales.

  • How many Agreements
  • How much sq. ft.
  • How many scans are hosted yearly
  • How many site analysis
  • Quality Touch Score
    • Quantifiable metric used to determine the success of establishing and managing relationships. Which will lead to the above listed KPIs and in turn commercial sales. It’s easy to understand a million sq. ft. under the agreement will almost certainly provide yearly sales.
    • For example: Email = .25, Phone = .5, Mailer = .5, Lunch/Meeting = 2, ERP/Loss Leader = 5
      • Monthly Goal – 120